Icofunding’s asset digitization platform is live
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Icofunding’s asset digitization platform is live

We’ve got some really exciting news to share with you: we have launched our new platform on which assets and securities can be digitized in an easy and compliant way.

A big variety of Security Token Offerings 

Our asset digitization (“tokenization”) platform is live and it already hosts several exciting projects (“STOs”) on it. The companies launching STOs are active in different industries, such as the renewable energy sector, the sports industry and Real Estate.

Not only the industries that our clients are operating in are diverse, the type of assets / securities they issue through a security token offering are also varied, such as participative loans, fixed bond rates and convertible notes. To give an example, our client Waste Biofuel is issuing a security token to finance their new Biogas Plant in Spain. 

Investors that would like to participate in any of the projects hosted on our platform will have to onboard on Icofunding and pass a quick KYC check. Once they are verified as investors, they can participate in our clients’ projects (with fiat and crypto).

Click here to register on Icofunding.

Do you want to digitize assets?

The procedure of launching a STO consists of different processes, such as the set up of the legal structure, the technical development of the token, and the initial sale and issuance of the tokens. At Icofunding we take care of the legal and tech aspects, as well as the hosting and issuance of the tokens. Click here to receive more information regarding launching a STO with Icofunding. 

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