Meet Rollyhoo, a Producer raising funds via an STO on Icofunding
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Rollyhoo STO

Meet Rollyhoo, a Producer raising funds via an STO on Icofunding

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Recently we launched a new STO on Icofunding called Rollyhoo. Rollyhoo is a Spanish audiovisual producer that was founded in 2018 with a mission to democratize film funding. To take a next step in their mission to make the audiovisual industry more fair, Rollyhoo is launching a decentralized streaming app in which all its participants (content creators, viewers and advertisers) are rewarded for participating in the ecosystem.

To finance the development and launch their new App, Rollyhoo is issuing a Tokenized (digitized) Participative Loan on Icofunding. The investment round is currently open and has a minimum ticket size of €1,500. Click here to learn more about their STO.

We interviewed the founders of Rollyhoo to find out more about them, the company and its traction and their future plans.

What inspired you to found Rollyhoo? 

Rollyhoo was born out of the need to create alternatives in the audiovisual industry. Currently, the centralisation of the current streaming platforms, where the production companies make the cost of production but do not obtain a fair share of the benefits from the views obtained by the platform, nor from the growth the platform experiences by hosting an exclusive premiere of that production. The current systems affect the profit margin, distribution, compensation for production companies, and creates a certain dependence for their next productions.

Talent barely obtains image rights from the reruns of their presence in content hosted in these streaming platforms, and on other internet platforms they have no place to be able to monetise their image.

Another key point, which is why we launched Rollyhoo, is to be able to offer viewers a tailor-made product, as they are increasingly inclined towards series that hook them quickly and do not impose an excessively long relationship. Hence, we want to adopt the content offered on the platform to their desires.

This transition in content type is driven by the viewer’s new psychological behaviour, which, according to studies, is motivated by reasons such as “decision fatigue”.

In general, the lack of ways for production companies to finance audiovisual projects has led us to investigate new ways of making audiovisual projects and sharing with the audience not only the final product, but also the income it generates with those who participate in it.

What is your mission?

The mission with which we started this project is very clear: we want to democratize streaming to make it more fair for all the participants in the ecosystem.

Streaming is an ecosystem that brings many different players together, such as content creators and production companies that make all the content available and the viewer, who consumes the audiovisual product.

In short, a streaming platform could not exist, nor would it make any sense, without the creators, production companies, actors and viewers. Therefore, what we offer is to share and distribute the income generated by our streaming platform fairly among the participants necessary for any streaming platform.

In general, the key points of Rollyhoo App’s proposal is to reduce intermediary costs, generate opportunities for new talents, offer new revenue streams to all players and above all, cut the distance between Fans & Idols.

What traction do you have?

With more than 20 years of experience in the audiovisual sector, and having observed a need to provide alternatives to a sector that is currently financed mainly through foreign companies, we launched Rollyhoo.

We started in 2018 with an initial business idea. We focused on the production of feature films destined to be shown in cinemas, and our proposal was to give access to any type of investment through crowdfunding with very small tickets. The investor who participated in these crowdfunding rounds, obtained assets in these films.

As a result of the pandemic, we observed quickly that it was going to be very difficult to achieve the objective we had set for ourselves, considering that our main clients were ordinary consumers.

Even though we had to transform our business model at breakneck speed, which undoubtedly was quite a challenge, we took stock of our trajectory, remodelled our business to what is Rollyhoo App, and we able to achieve things like getting coverage in the press and radio media such as El Periódico, La Vanguardia, Radio Intereconomía, Cine&Tele online, Huffpost and La Cope, among others.

Why did you decide to launch an STO?

The world is moving very fast.  Habits, fashions and tastes are constantly changing where, of course, technology plays a fundamental role which nowadays encompasses almost everything.

New technologies are here to stay, and we felt we had to adapt ourselves to this new world. So we entered the world of blockchain, we did a lot of research and talked to people around us who are linked to this sector and we saw very clearly the enormous possibilities that launching an STO offered us.

A security token is currently the most interesting way of giving access to investors, offering digital assets of a company or a specific project. Access to secondary markets is something that greatly reduces investment risk and offers potentially a lot more liquidity.

Can you tell us something about the team behind Rollyhoo App?

We are a multidisciplinary team with very diverse personalities. What makes us strong is the passion and enthusiasm that unites us all in this new project, because we know that it can help many other people, and not only in the audiovisual sector, the impact is also indirect in other sectors, such as catering, hotels or transport.

Let’s start with the founders, Tony Higueruelo entered the audiovisual industry at the age of 17, he has worked in Spain and Latin America in different feature films, commercials and musicals. He is the founder of Stuntworks, an action stunt services company. As a result, he created a school for stuntmen where they were trained and later founded his first production company Absenta Films.

Our other founder is Cristina Palomino, who comes from the world of sales and leadership. She has worked as head of sales teams in companies such as Inditex, H&M and Swarovski. For 20 years she has had the privilege of being able to learn and understand the needs and desires of customers and employees, which has given her a broad vision to find the balance between objectives and personal relationships.

Another team member is Amanda de Luis, executive producer with 20 years of experience in the audiovisual sector. She has worked producing national and international feature films and currently collaborates with streaming companies such as Netflix, HBO and Filmax.

Ricardo Maldonado, our CFO, has worked in the financial area of commercial and industrial companies and who, thanks to his background, has a holistic view of business.

As a pillar in the more technological area, we have Danielle Caldelli, our CTO. He has worked as a technology developer in trading and cryptocurrency companies.

Where do you see Rollyhoo a year from now? And five years from now?

One year from now, we will be releasing the public version of the Rollyhoo App. That is the primary objective we are working towards at the moment, and for which we have launched the STO.

Talking about what will happen in 5 years’ time is like trying to guess the future, and given the speed at which we live, it’s hard to say. But of course, our roadmap is planned and has a very clear vision on what we hope to have achieved in 5 years’ time. We hope to have fulfilled our mission and that all the people who form part of the project (actors, directors, technical teams, production companies and all the viewers of the platform) feel that the Rollyhoo App is theirs and that it brings some kind of benefit to each and every one of them.

As for the company, the objective is to scale it internationally and to have reached strategic agreements with other companies that not only help us to position ourselves in the market as a benchmark of a new shared economy, but that we can also provide them with value and a differentiating factor for their customers.

Do you want to know more?

More about Rollyhoo’s STO can be found on Icofunding’s platform.