Webinar: how to digitize assets and raise funds
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webinar tokenization

Webinar: how to digitize assets and raise funds

This post is also available in: Español

This upcoming Thursday (16/04/2020) we are hosting a webinar in which we will explain you all the ins and outs of fundraising through Asset Digitization. 🙌 We will go through the process of creating a digital asset, its initial sale to raise funds and we will be talking about the benefits of this innovative way of raising capital.

This webinar will be hosted in two languages simultaneously: Anne-Lous van den Ende will host the English webinar, and Alejandro Gómez de la Cruz will be hosting the same webinar in Spanish. The introductory class on STOs will last for 20 min., followed by a round of questions that will last for 10 min.

To be able to participate in this webinar, it’s necessary to sign up:

We hope to see you on Thursday!